JBJJF All Japan Masters 3rd Place (Black Belt, Light, 2022)

IBJJF Asian Championship 3rd Place x 2 (Black Belt, Medium Heavy & Open, 2019)

IBJJF Tokyo International Open 1st Place (Black Belt, Medium Heavy, 2019)

IBJJF Asia Master International Championship, 3rd Place x 2 (Black Belt, Medium Heavy & Open, 2019)

IBJJF Asian Championship 2nd Place (Brown Belt, Medium Heavy, 2018) IBJJF Europe Master International Championship 1st Place (Brown, Medium Heavy, 2018)



あなたにとってカルペディエムとは? 残念ながら柔術に出会った時、すでに30代前半で、アスリートを目指すには遅かった。しかし、世界を旅しながらマスター大会に参加したり、いろんな国の道場で練習したり、新しい友達を作ったりするには遅くなかった。柔術を通して謙虚さを学び、よりいい人間を目指すのにも遅すぎることはなかった。私にとってのカルぺディエムは、今の自分を作ってくれた柔術と、どんな時にも力になる全世界のBJJコミュニティに敬意を払い、恩返しをする場所です。


What is CARPE DIEM for you? Unfortunately, by the time I found Jiu Jitsu in my early thirties it was already too late to become a top level competitor. But it was not too late to travel the world competing at Masters events, visiting new academies, and making new friends. As it was not too late to learn some humility and hopefully become a better human being. CARPE DIEM for me is a place where I pay respect and give back to Jiu Jitsu for making me who I am today, and to the global BJJ community for always being there for me!


​プライベートレッスン 11,000円/ 1回 60分